Idle Guide

Editorial, illustration & website design

This mammoth passion project stemmed from a six day walk from London to Canterbury following The Pilgrims’ Way. From it Idle Guide was formed, a practice to embrace slowness and curiosity, foster a closer relationship to the areas where we live. 

This is more than just a journal of my own journey, this guide aims to empower readers with the tools they require to go on their own adventure. Clear chapters break down how to decide if and how you want to take part in a long distance walk, when you’d like to go. When the reader is ready the next chapters are all about preparing your body, utilising AI I’ve included a tried and tested helpful prompt for personalised training plans. Special finishes in the book include perforated stage planning pages, postcards to share the journey and stickers of the illustrations included in the book.The final section of the book is the day to day adventure as I experienced it. This gives an overview of the ups and down, literal and metaphorical, and an honest account of struggling to slow down in a fast paced world.

Alongside the physical guide book a fully plotted out Google Map is available for readers to plan and prepare stages, knowing where food stops and stamp stops are along the way.
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