Brand strategy and design

SoLoCo is a new and exciting creative consultancy that aims to disrupt the status quo of creative working. It provides dynamic and experienced brand consultancy and efficient project management for daring companies seeking
stable and bold creative solutions. 

The company empowers creatives and business owners alike by streamlining the creative process, creating a collaborative environment and encouraging everyone from boardroom-ers and interns to throw ideas in the ring.
I worked alongside founder Anna Cirera to create a solid brand strategy before implementing the visual aspects of her new company. The final product is a refined, modern and playful wordmark built on a solid foundation of values and principles.

Brand exploration

Ideating notes to help develop brand exploration
First round of moodboards to discover the perfect style
Logo development from sketches to vectors

The chosen direction

Combining traditional and modern styles to create 
a bespoke sophisticated type lock up that targets artisans and businesses that appreciate high quality, hard work and a gentle sense of playfulness.

The counter, inside space of the O, has been expanded 
to mimic sans serif type, 
a nod to sophistication 
and professionalism.
Each O rotates on their centre axis adding a playful and 
eye-catching look to the lockup.

Adjusting the geometric type creates a collection of interconnecting circles similar to the structure of an atom that’s not made visible but the energy feels palpable.

Complete package

No brand is complete without a brand playbook. For SoLoCo I combined the work Anna and I had done together to get to the heart of her brand along with the visual identity to develop a playbook that can be used as the business expands. These books include a breakdown of the brand essence and messaging, the logo design in it’s primary and secondary form, a full collection of the colour palette with all the technical details and links to the fonts.
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