Editorial marketing campaign, brand build

Ahead of Sandwich Week 2021 I freelancecd with the in-house design team Sips & Bites at PepsiCo to create a recipe book for Walkers Lunch campaign #CrispIn or #CrispOut

Combining recipes written by sandwich expert Max Halley with photos and Walkers signature crisps a 48-page recipe book was printed to run alongside the social campaign for Twitter competition winners.

I developed and presented a variety of layouts to the internal team and liaised with the printers for the final product.

Presenting virtually the different layouts and mechanisms that can be used to quickly signify which flavour crisp the recipe is referencing
The skelleton of each page layout developed alongside the final pages chosen. 

Snack Store

Logo development, brand presentation, mock ups

I continued to work with Sips & Bites on a new direct-to-consumer venture, Snack Store. The team had already developed a logo and I helped develop it by giving it a more playful twist and incorporating this across the whole brand system.

Incorporating bite marks and crumbs within the design work gave it a playful feel and additional assets to use throughout different print and digital campaigns. While twisting the logo to an angle commonly used within Walkers branding gave a sense of movement across the design.

Logo before
Logo after
Digital brand  development
Print brand development

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